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Introduction to Home Energy Storage System--IMPROVE BATTERY
June 24, 2022

Introduction to Home Energy Storage System

The home energy storage system uses the solar power generation device on the roof, or the energy generated by the domestic wind turbine, and the low-cost power source of the national grid to store the surplus power into the energy storage system, which can not only be used as an emergency power supply, but also can be used during peak periods. , save electricity bills for households. As new energy enters the civilian market, especially for families with rooftop photovoltaic power generation systems or small household wind turbine systems, home energy storage systems have become one of their essential equipment. The home energy storage system has the most basic emergency power attributes, especially in some countries with unstable power supply, the home energy storage market will be very large, and the demand for this will be particularly strong in developing countries and underdeveloped and backward regions around the world .

IMPROVE battery

Lithium batteries are generally divided into power batteries and energy storage batteries. Home energy storage systems only need energy storage batteries. According to authoritative data, the global photovoltaic installed capacity in 2021 will be 170GW, a record high. If only 10% of the minimum energy storage configuration requirements are used, the scale of the household energy storage market will reach 17GW, and the cost of the energy storage system will be US$195/KW. Installation cost estimates put the market value of lithium-ion battery home energy storage systems at around $3.3 billion, a figure that is quite tempting. What is more noteworthy is that in this market segment, other energy storage technologies are currently unable to compete, and lithium-ion batteries are expected to dominate the home energy storage market.

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