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The Difference Between Energy Storage Lithium Battery and Power Lithium Battery--IMPROVE BATTERY
July 29, 2022

The Difference Between Energy Storage Lithium Battery and Power Lithium Battery

In recent years, the energy storage and new energy vehicle industries have developed rapidly. The following is a brief introduction to the difference between energy storage lithium batteries and power lithium batteries.

① The battery capacity is different

In the case of new batteries, use a discharger to test the battery capacity. Generally, the capacity of power lithium batteries is about 1000-1500mAh; the capacity of energy storage lithium battery packs is above 2000mAh, and some can reach 3400mAh.

② The application industry is different

Power lithium batteries are mainly used in batteries for electric vehicles, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric equipment and tool drive power; used in power transmission and substations, providing closing current for power units, etc.;

Energy storage lithium battery packs are mainly used in energy storage power stations such as water power, thermal power, wind power and solar power stations, power auxiliary services for peak regulation and frequency regulation, digital products, power products, medical and security, and UPS power supplies.

③ Different types of batteries are used

For safety and economic considerations, lithium iron phosphate batteries are often used for energy storage lithium batteries;

The current mainstream battery types of power lithium batteries are lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries.

④ The performance and design are different

Power lithium batteries focus more on charging and discharging power, requiring fast charging speed, high output power, and vibration resistance, with particular emphasis on high safety and high energy density to achieve long-lasting battery life, as well as lightweight requirements in terms of weight and volume ;

IMPROVE cabinet type energy storage
IMPROVE cabinet type energy storage

Energy storage lithium battery emphasizes battery capacity, especially requires operation stability and service life, and considers the consistency of battery modules. In terms of battery materials, attention should be paid to expansion rate, energy density, and uniformity of electrode material performance, in order to pursue the overall energy storage equipment. long life and low cost. For example, the 5kwh energy storage cabinet battery manufactured by ShenZhen Improve Battery Co., Ltd. can reach 3500+ cycles under the condition of 0.5C discharge and 80% DOD, and its designed service life is more than ten years.