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The Top 10 Best Golf Cart List of 2023--IMPROVE BATTERY
September 20, 2023

The Top 10 Best Golf Cart List of 2023



It’s that magical time of year again here at the Golf Cart Tire Supply: The annual BEST GOLF CART List for 2023 is ready!

Each and every year we gather feedback on all different golf cart makes and models from the thousands of customers we speak with on the phone each month. We also send a survey to our best customers, and perform rigorous testing here at our GCTS HQ on our newest shop carts. We then combine all the data gathered and the mechanical expertise of our very own Golf Cart Expert Team to name our Best Golf Cart of the Year. Well, the data is in! And we are proud to announce our Top 10 Best Golf Carts List for 2023.

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The Best Golf Carts of 2023

As with every year, there are always a few familiar faces on the list (from year’s prior), but we are so excited to announce that over the last five years, many new brands have hit the market. And two of those new brands made our list for the first time ever this year!

Golf carts just keep getting better and better as the EV revolution rages on! We are so impressed with how manufacturers are pushing the industrial design envelope, and releasing truly beautiful new carts designs, with top-tier mechanical & ride quality.

If you are just beginning your search for new (or used) golf carts for sale, we are certain that our breakdown and analysis of the carts below will help you in your decision making. Our team has decades of experience in modifying every single golf cart model under the sun; and the carts we have selected for this list are the ones that stand out above the rest of the pack.

1. Club Car Onward HP Li-Ion


Last year, Club Car took the number 3 spot on our best golf carts list. But they have continued to push the envelope with their HP and HP Li-Ion Club Car Onward and Club Car Tempo model carts. And this year, we are proud to award the Number 1 spot to the beautiful new Club Car Onward HP Li-Ion golf cart. With its industry leading lightweight aluminum frame, 29HP motor, 3.1kWh lithium golf cart batteries , 375-amp controller, premium seating and body work, 6-year battery warranty, and standard automotive style headlights and taillights – the Onward HP Li-Ion is the total package.

For 2023, the Club Car Onward carts come standard with 10” premium wheels. But newly upgraded premium 12” or 14” wheels are available from factory, with Club Car’s new 14” wheels being offered with a luxe Ball Mill machined finish and mounted on high quality Kenda Tires. The carts also feature new thicker, premium plush front and rear seat cushions.

The Onward’s automotive style front fascia is very nice (especially when compared to the aging Precedent model carts), with thick injection molded contoured plastic panels.

And the new Club Car Onward has a wide variety of OEM golf cart accessories available straight from the factory, including:

  • Premium Sound Bar ($782)
  • Multi-Colored LED Canopy Lights ($297)
  • Color Touchscreen, Bluetooth Speakers, GPS, Diagnostics ($1,749)
  • Fender Flares
  • Brush Guard
  • and more!

Whatever options you do or don’t add to yours, this cart is amazing in any configuration.

You’ll notice our top 3 carts again this year are all LITHIUM Powered golf carts (just like last year). And that is because we have been saying for years that lithium power is the future of the golf cart industry. And now it is safe to say that Lithium has officially taken over.

There are many great advantages to having lithium batteries in your cart. The biggest advantage is much quicker charging times and a longer lasting charge, and the fact that lithium golf cart batteries are also much lighter than regular golf cart batteries (1/4 the weight). In addition, lithium batteries are essentially "maintenance-free”. To learn more about lithium golf cart batteries, click here.

MSRP Starting at (4-Seater): $16,663
MSRP Starting at (2-Seater): $15,286


Falling from #1 to very close #2 on our list for 2023; the EZGO Liberty Lithium is still an incredible cart. This cart absolutely raised the bar for all other manufacturers last year, and still has it all for customers looking to purchase a new cart in 2023.


The LIBERTY is still a first-of-its-kind golf cart/LSV which EZGO said would “push everything in a new direction” with its four-forward facing seats upon its launch last year. We agreed, and we’ve seen two other manufacturers begin offering this seating style this year.

The cart comes standard as one of the brand’s ELiTE Lithium vehicles (using a Samsung SDI lithium battery system), which means you get consistent power regardless of your charge level. You can also charge any time you like, no matter your current battery level (without worry of shortening battery life). In addition to the EZGO Liberty’s amazing powertrain, it also features:

  • Standard Premium Interior with lighted cupholders, premium steering wheel, individual key switch, glove box door, floor mats and shelf
  • 4 forward-facing Premium Seats

The only downside to the LIBERTY: it’s expensive. Starting at just under $16,000, these carts can run you all the way up to $20,000+ with options and sales tax included; which is the price of a reliable used car. But with more people using their carts to get around their community every day, instead of their cars, we can’t argue that the LIBERTY truly does deliver on every dollar you spend on one.

MSRP Starting at: $15,899


3. ICON i40L


WOW! Not only did ICON Golf Carts explode on the golf cart scene back in 2017, but they have literally EXPLODED right up to #3 on our list of best golf carts with their i40L (lifted 4-seater) golf cart. We were so impressed with so many things about this cart (and so are our customers, considering ICON dealers are spreading across the USA like wildfire).

ICON Electric Vehicles was founded in 2017 in Tampa, FL and has quickly grown into one of the largest volume and fastest growing golf cart manufacturers in the United States. ICON iSeries carts have impressed so many people because the company prides itself on selling golf carts with ‘more features for less money’ and providing manufacturer direct pricing through its network of dealers.

The 2023 ICON i40 and i40L golf carts come standard with 48-Volt batteries, a 5kW 3-phase High Torque Motor, ICON 450A Controller, 2-forward and 2 rear-facing seats, and more. Additional features on the i40L (lifted) include:

  • Automotive Style Headlights and Taillights w/ integrated turn signals
  • Factory Lifted 6 inches over standard i40L
  • 12-inch wheels mounted on 23” All Terrain tires
  • On-Board-Charger (OBC)
  • Digital Speedometer and diagnostic readout
  • Factory Disc Brakes
  • Wide Range of Paint Colors offered standard

The ICON i40L is ready to tackle the neighborhood, the beach, the lake house and more. And it’s definitely one of the best looking carts on the streets due to its stylish automotive style headlights and premium materials used to construct.

With a low MSRP entry point and serious value for the dollar, the ICON i40 and i40L are truly hard to beat (and here to stay).

MSRP Starting at: $9,995


4. EZGO Express S4 ELiTE


Falling out of our Top 3, but still holding strong on our list at #4 is the EZGO Express S4. EZGO’s S2 (2-seater) and S4 (4-seater) golf carts were introduced to the market back in 2020. Offered as Gas (13.5HP Kawasaki), Electric (72-Volt) or LITHIUM powered variants, all three are great options but Lithium is the way to go. The Samsung SDI lithium battery system used in the Express S4 is also used in the LIBERTY, and is proven to be maintenance-free.

This cart was a huge leap forward for EZGO when it hit the market three years ago, and now the 2023 model features the same beautifully face-lifted front cowl from 2022, improved/more premium front (and rear) seat cushions, and standard LED headlights. It is extremely similar to the LIBERTY (#2 on our list) except it has a traditional golf cart seating pattern, so it does not feature four forward facing seats.

The EZGO Express S4 is one of the best-looking carts on the market right now, and will impress your friends and neighbors alike with its premium looks and ride quality. It includes a very generous 8-year manufacturer's warranty on its lithium batteries and comes with a rear seat kit, nice lift kit and 23” tires from the factory!

MSRP Starting at: $15,259 (ELiTE Lithium)
MSRP Starting at: $12,609 (13.5HP Gas)


5. Yamaha Drive-2 EFI QuieTech


You’re probably wondering, “Where the heck is a Yamaha Golf Cart on this list?” And now you have your answer! Inching up two spots on our list from #7 to #5 on our list for 2023 is the Yamaha Drive2 EFI.

We are disappointed that Yamaha hasn’t yet facelifted the overall look of their bestselling golf cart. When you compare a Yamaha Drive2 to the newer Club Car, EZGO & ICON offerings… something is left to be desired.

Yamaha still makes an amazing, affordable and reliable golf cart, with many accessories available for it. But the lack of a Lithium offering from the Japanese Giant, and rather stale looking body design (especially compared to EZGO and Club Car) have kept Yamaha further back in our rankings this year.

One feature still carrying the torch for Yamaha is quality and reliability. And the QuieTech EFI (Quiet Electronic Fuel Injection) powerplant featured in the gas version of this cart is no exception. Electronic Fuel Injection is a huge improvement over carbureted carts, and this particular QuieTech EFI is the quietest in history; boasting the lowest decibel output of any gas golf cart ever made.

The Yamaha Drive2 gets up to 45mpg, which is 23% better gas mileage than the previous Yamaha Drive (G29) Gas models. And being a gas cart offers the convenience of being able to refill your cart on-the-go rather than waiting for charge-up times. Some of our customers SWEAR by gas carts for this very reason.

Another big plus for the Drive2 is that it has tons of aftermarket accessories available since it has been around for a few years now. The Yamaha Drive2 (and older Drive/G29) carts can also fit larger tires (up to 20.5" tall tires) on them straight from the factory, without the need for a lift kit. If your Yamaha cart is older though, we recommend adding new HD springs to avoid any rubbing that taller tires can cause with saggy suspension (especially if you have a rear seat kit).

One awesome bonus about the Yamaha Drive-2 is that it shares a frame and about 90% of its components with the Yamaha G29 (DRIVE) that it replaced in 2017. So there are tons of golf cart accessories available on the market for this cart.

MSRP Starting at: $10,795

6. Club Car Onward Gas


Clocking in at #6 on our list is the Club Car Onward Gas golf cart. Similar in many ways to #1 on our list, the only difference between that cart and this one is that this gas cart is powered by a punchy 429cc Kohler EFI Gas Engine producing 14hp and a top speed of 19mph (rather than Lithium Batteries found in the HP Li-Ion).

The Onward Gas features the same automotive-style headlights with DRL (daytime running lights) and a more "edgy / boxy" look compared to the rounded body lines and distinctive bumper of the old Precedent carts it replaced. All Club Car Onward carts all feature modern independent A-Arms with Hydraulic shocks, for a more comfortable ride than ever before.

MSRP Starting at: $13,647 (Gas, standard)
MSRP Starting at: $14,618 (Gas, lifted)

7. STAR EV Sirius 2+2


The Star EV Sirius golf cart is high quality, edgy looking and continues to provide a smooth ride to owners; but not much has changed again on this model this year (or in the past few years), so it has remained a bit lower on our list. But this is one heck of a cart!

When the Sirius (named after the brightest star in the sky) was introduced in 2017, it was a big leap forward for STAR Electric Vehicles. With its sleek design, cutting edge (futuristic) looking body & front cowl, automotive style headlights, and coil-over shocks; this cart hit the market aiming to impress.

Even though the cart hasn’t seen substantial updates in the past few years, for 2023 it is FINALLY offered with Lithium Batteries! The Sirius is definitely a good purchase, and comes straight from the manufacturer equipped with:

  • Automobile style digital dashboard/speedo, full color display
  • Self-canceling turn signals with side mirror indicators
  • Locking insulated trunk with drainable cooler
  • Independent suspension with Double A-Arms

MSRP Starting at: $15,995


8. Club Car Tempo


Clocking in at number 8 on our list is the Club Car Tempo, Club Car’s latest fleet cart offering (made primarily for the golf course). As the Club Car Precedent began to get a bit long in the tooth, the Tempo came along back in 2020 and refreshed Club Car’s golf course offering with a revised front cowl, more comfortable/premium seating material. This is now the fleet cart of choice for many golf courses around the United States. And because so many of these carts are used at Country Clubs across the nation, used Club Car Tempo models can usually be found at a reasonable price.

The Club Car Tempo is available in Gas (14HP, 429 cc Kohler 4-cycle EFI), Electric (48-Volt DC), and Lithium Ion (4.7hp AC) variants. And when it comes to other accessories, the Club Car Tempo has a wide range of upgrades and golf cart parts available, making it a good buy if you’re looking to customize.

All of these factors make the Tempo a staple on our list for 2023.

MSRP Starting at: $13,274



Evolution EV, based in Corona, CA, has really begun to take the golf cart industry by storm. Introduced to the market in the past few years, the Evolution Classic range of carts come in both 2-seat and 4-seat configurations. They also come in “Pro” and “Plus” trims. The trims are very similar, but while the Pro trim offers a simple speedometer readout, the PLUS trim comes with a few more upgraded features.

The Classic-4 Plus model is a 4-seater golf cart (2 front-facing and 2 rear-facing seats). It comes standard with a steel tubular frame, luxury 2-Tone seats, 9-inch touchscreen (with back-up camera), USB Outlets, and industry leading 110AH 48v Lithium Golf Cart Batteries. The cart has a top-speed of 25-mph, and the company is proud of this fact. It also includes a premium steering wheel, PPG paint, premium 14” golf cart wheels and tires, and a rear cargo space beneath the rear flip seat. The Evolution Classic-4 Plus really packs a punch!

Evolution Golf Carts all come standard with premium components compared to many competitors (although most major brands are now stepping up).

The only issues we can seem to find with the new EVOLUTION Classic carts are that the stock seats seem a bit cheap / lacking on cushion and premium material finish. The 14” wheels on low profile golf cart tires also provide less meaty rubber than you would get with 12” or 10” wheels on low profile tires; resulting in a bumpier ride than competitor carts.

Overall, this cart is a great bang for the buck if you are looking for a lower-cost new golf cart option. The fact that you can buy a brand new lithium-powered golf cart for under $11,000 is impressive to say the least.

Evolution carts also feature an industry leading 5-year manufacturer warranty.

MSRP: $10,795

10. Garia Via 2+2


The Garia Via line of carts are the “Mercedes of golf carts”; literally. Mercedes-Benz and Garia partnered back in 2017 to create the world’s most luxurious cart on the road. Mercedes ended up leaving the partnership, but Garia came through to deliver an extremely luxurious line of carts with high-quality European made materials used throughout the construction (fine leather, real carbon fiber, etc.)

The Garia Via 2+2 is now offered with lithium batteries for 2023. The cart has an output rating of 3kW (4 Hp) with peak power of 11kW (15 Hp). Garia Via carts come standard with a Curtis 375-amp motor controller, and Onboard Delta-Q charger.

They also feature a number of high-quality Standard Features:

  • Ice box with drain integrated into dashboard
  • Storage box behind seat
  • USB outlets in dashboard
  • Leather sports steering wheel with scorecard and pen holder
  • Soft-touch automotive style dashboard
  • Entry panels in brushed stainless steel
  • Lockable front bonnet with storage space
  • All LED head and tail lamps

The Bad:

  • Pricey. With fully loaded options, these carts can reach $50,000+

MSRP Starting at: $26,218 (Non-Lifted)
MSRP Starting at: $29,097 (Lifted)

Summing it all Up

The year 2023 is exciting in the golf cart market! Industry titans like Club Car and EZGO are stepping up their game to improve their offerings, and newer brands like ICON Golf Carts and Evolution EV are bringing a healthy competition to the market, and challenging the status quo.

This list took many months to curate, and included feedback from customers and seat time in all of the above vehicles. As always, there were other honorable mentions (offerings from VIVID EV, Tomberlin, Advanced EV, and others) that did not make the list this year. As always, we constantly have our eye on all cart offerings on the market throughout the year and are eager to see what other new releases hit the market for 2024.

We will continue to keep you posted on what’s out there, and are here to help you when it comes to adding golf cart accessories and replacing golf cart parts on your cart!

One last thing IMPROVE BATTERY Co., Ltd. specializes in providing professional lithium batteries for golf carts. We offer flexible customization services, allowing you to design the battery voltage, capacity, dimensions, and interfaces according to your requirements to ensure compatibility with various types of golf carts. Need more information? Please don't hesitate to contact us.