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Certificates Commonly Used in the Practical Operation of Lithium Batteries Exported by Air--IMPROVE BATTERY
October 12, 2023

Certificates Commonly Used in the Practical Operation of Lithium Batteries Exported by Air

At present, the following certificates are commonly used in practical operation business:


Suitable for the scope of almost global, belonging to the safety and performance testing, the United Nations for the transport of dangerous goods specifically formulated by the United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria for the Transport of Dangerous Goods, part 3, paragraph 38. 3, that requires lithium batteries before transport, must pass a high degree of simulation, high and low temperature cycle, vibration test, impact test, 55 ℃ external short circuit, impact test, overcharge test, the Forced discharge test in order to ensure the safety of lithium battery transportation. If the lithium battery is not installed with the equipment, and each package contains more than 24 cells or 12 batteries, it must also pass the 1.2m free fall test.

2、Battery MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS is a comprehensive description of the information on chemical components, physical and chemical parameters, flammability and explosive properties, toxicity and environmental hazards, as well as information on safe use, storage conditions, emergency response to leaks and transport regulations, etc. MSDS can be prepared by the manufacturer according to the relevant rules. However, in order to ensure the accuracy and standardisation of the report, we can apply to professional organisations for its preparation.

3、Air/sea transport identification report.

For relevant products with batteries originating from China (except Hong Kong), the final air transport identification report must be audited and issued by an approved dangerous goods identification agency directly authorised by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The main contents of the report generally include: the name of the goods and their corporate identity, the main physical and chemical characteristics, the hazardous characteristics of the transported goods, the laws and regulations on which the identification is based, and the emergency disposal methods. The purpose is to provide transport units with information directly related to transport safety.

IMPROVE BATTERY certifications

Lifepo4 batteries produced by ShenZhen Improve Battery Co., Ltd have complete certificates, including ISO9001, ISO1400I, ISO5001, CE, RoHS, UN38.3, MSDS, etc. The batteries are sold worldwide.