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"Household Energy Storage" Suddenly Hot Selling--IMPROVE BATTERY
August 29, 2022

"Household Energy Storage" Suddenly Hot Selling

Recently, a branch of new energy energy storage, home user energy storage, has suddenly exploded in the global market.

“Just like the air conditioner in the 1990s”, some market veterans have given such an analogy to household energy storage.

There are two meanings behind this: one meaning is that it is entering thousands of households in the overseas market like air conditioners in the 1990s; the other meaning is that the shape of household energy storage gradually becomes the same as the volume of a cabinet air conditioner. Quite, the all-in-one home machine has gradually become a trend.

We see that the current domestic energy storage has the opportunity of low penetration rate, strong overseas policy support, and high customer demand. Strong willingness to pay and price acceptance.

At the same time, under the influence of the sharp rise in global energy prices, the home energy storage market is showing an explosive trend in Europe and the United States, especially the European home energy storage market leads the world.

Under the current situation of tight energy supply and rising raw material prices, household energy storage is undoubtedly the first to break through. Global companies are accelerating the race to home energy storage.

Relevant data shows that the top three global household energy storage product shipments in 2019 are Tesla, LG Chem and Pine Energy Technology, accounting for 15%, 11% and 8.5% respectively. In 2020, this data will undergo a new round of refresh, and the top five global household energy storage product shipments will be changed to Tesla, Paine Energy, Germany’s Sonnen, LG Chem, and China’s Wotai Energy.

The latest statistics show that in the field of household energy storage, Tesla, with its outstanding product strength and brand effect, accounts for 15% of the global household energy storage market, followed by Paine Technology (2.62%), accounting for 13%. %, the gap between them is gradually decreasing.

In Germany, where the penetration rate of household energy storage is relatively high, Sonnen has the highest share of the household energy storage market, followed by BYD (5.63%). It can be seen that Chinese and foreign companies such as Tesla, Paineng Technology, Sonnen, BYD, and LG Energy are competing to open the acceleration mode in the global home energy storage market.

As the “first brother” of China’s household energy storage, Paineng Technology occupies the second place in the world in terms of global shipments, second only to the Tesla Powerwall, which is the first in the world’s household energy storage list.

Some organizations say that under the general trend of carbon neutrality, household energy storage will become the fourth high-speed growth track in the new energy industry after wind power, photovoltaics, and electric vehicles.