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The Development of Household Energy Storage Batteries--IMPROVE BATTERY
July 17, 2023

The Development of Household Energy Storage Batteries

The intelligent information age has greatly increased the demand for electricity, and serious environmental pollution and energy consumption have forced people to seek green power generation. Solar PV power generation is expected to alleviate the pressure. With the government's energy storage policy support and the reduction of power generation costs, energy storage systems have entered thousands of households. For the whole home energy storage system, IMPROVEE provides complete power solutions to simplify customers' design and improve system reliability. 

It is said that 2022 is the first year of the explosion of the energy storage market. Judging from the current situation, this judgment has been verified, especially in terms of household energy storage. 

From both the demand side and the supply side.

On the demand side

Since household energy storage systems is only economical if it is matched with household photovoltaics at the current cost, the demand for household photovoltaics should be considered first. According to Infolink statistics, the penetration rates of household photovoltaics in the United States, Germany, Japan, and Australia are expected to increase from 3.3%, 11.1%, 11.1%, and 21.1% in 2020 to 6.6%, 21.5%, 15.8%, and 34.0%.

While the penetration rate of household photovoltaics is increasing, the penetration rate of integrated photovoltaics in household photovoltaics is also increasing. In general, the penetration rates of integrated optical storage in the United States, Germany, Japan, and Australia will increase from 0.25%, 2.39%, 1.75%, and 0.80% in 2020 to 1.24%, 10.02%, 6.08%, and 2.86% in 2025. %, with an increase of 4.96 times, 4.19 times, 3.47 times and 3.58 times, respectively.

In addition to the increase in penetration rate, the increase in electrical equipment such as electric vehicles will also drive the increase in the per capita electricity consumption of residents, which will then promote the increase in the power of a single optical storage system, thereby bringing more room for industry growth.

Let's look at the supply side.

The main point of view on the supply side is cost reduction. Since the energy storage system is mainly batteries and converters, the cost reduction of these two links is the top priority.

In terms of batteries, the current electrochemical energy storage mainly uses lithium batteries. However, due to the high prosperity of the downstream electric vehicle market, both the ternary cathode and the lithium iron phosphate have been at high prices this year. However, with the substantial expansion of lithium salt plants, the supply and demand pattern will gradually change from 2023, and the cost downturn is a high probability event.

In terms of converters, IGBT, the core component of current converters, has very high technical requirements and is almost completely dependent on overseas semiconductor giants, so the cost is also relatively expensive. In the future, under the opportunity of domestic substitution, with the rise of domestic IGBT manufacturers, the cost of IGBTs and converters will gradually improve.

When the overall cost of energy storage falls, not only solar energy storage, but also household energy storage alone will become economical, which will open up a new growth curve for household energy storage.

 household energy storage batteries -- IMPROVE BATTERY


Household energy storage battery is on the rise , increasing electric reliability while reducing electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Good news for a grid that increasingly relies on renewable and zero-carbon sources.

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