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IMPROVE 25.6V LiFePO4 Batteries

Nominal Voltage25.6V
Nominal CapacityCustomizable
Stored EnergyCustomizable
Warranty5 Years
OEM/ODMWarmly Welcomed
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Tech Specs

25.6V IMPROVE LiFePO4 Batteries

Provides you with efficient and environmentally friendly life

25.6V IMP LiFePO4 Battery Series includes 25.6V 30 - 200Ah, assembly with Grade A battery cell, intelligent BMS; 
Supports parallel/serial connection, communication function and customized accessories.

25.6V IMP LiFePO4 battery series can replaces lead-acid and traditional lithium-ion solar batteries,providing an all-in-one power solution for RVs, small homes and off-grid buildings. 

IMPROVE LiFePO4 battery packGrade a Cells & BMSLiFePO4 Battery customisation processLiFePO4 Battery application LiFePO4 Battery application LiFePO4 Battery application

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