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How to Maintain NiMH Battery and NiMH Battery's Development Trend--IMPROVE BATTERY
October 19, 2021

How to Maintain NiMH Battery and NiMH Battery's Development Trend

(1) Avoid overcharging during use. During the cycle life, overcharge should be avoided in the use process, because overcharge is easy to expand the positive and negative electrodes, resulting in active material falling off and diaphragm damage, conductive network damage and battery ohmic polarization.

(2) Prevent electrolyte deterioration. During the cycle life of Ni MH battery, hydrogen evolution of battery shall be restrained.

(3) Storage of Ni MH batteries. After the Ni MH battery is fully charged, if the battery is stored for a long time without electric energy stored in the battery, the function of the negative hydrogen storage alloy of the battery will be weakened and the battery life will be shortened.

NiMH battery is already a mature product. About 700 million NiMH batteries were produced in the international market last year. The scale and output of Japan's NiMH battery industry has always been at the forefront of other countries. The United States and Germany are second only to Japan, and have also been developed and developed in the field of NiMH battery for many years. China is rich in rare earth metal resources for manufacturing Ni MH battery raw materials, and the proven reserves account for more than 80% of the world's total proven reserves. The raw material processing technology of Ni MH battery developed in China is also becoming more and more mature. Nickel hydrogen battery can be interchanged with zinc manganese battery and cadmium nickel battery. In the future, circular battery will mainly develop towards the diversity and commercialization of product specifications, while square battery will focus on being the power source of power vehicle.