Overview of the Operation of China Lithium Battery Manufacturer Industry--IMPROVE BATTERY
December 02, 2021

Overview of the Operation of China Lithium Battery Manufacturer Industry

1. Characteristics of lithium battery

Lithium ion battery is a secondary battery (rechargeable battery). Lithium ion battery has the advantages of small volume, high energy density, long cycle life and low environmental pollution. It is gradually replacing lead-acid battery. Its application in consumer electronic products, electric vehicles, energy storage devices and other fields is gradually deepened, and the market demand is large and maintains rapid growth.

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2. Production of China lithium battery manufacturer

According to the data, the production of lithium-ion batteries in China increased steadily from 78,4158,1000 in 2016 to 188,4548,3000 in 2020. From January to July 2021, the production of lithium-ion batteries in China reached 12645.563 million, a year-on-year increase of 41.3%.
   Driven by the rapid growth of electric vehicle production, China lithium battery manufacturer industry continues to maintain a rapid growth trend, industry innovation accelerates, new products and technologies continue to emerge, and various new battery technologies have come out one after another. In recent years, China's lithium battery shipments have continued to grow. According to the data, China's lithium battery shipment increased from 64gwh in 2016 to 120gwh in 2019. We predict that China's lithium battery shipment will reach 157gwh in 2021.

3.Favorable support from national policies

In recent years, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other relevant departments have gradually strengthened the supervision of China lithium battery manufacturer industry, and local government departments have also continuously standardized battery production and manufacturing, which has effectively guided the further standardization and standardization of battery manufacturing industry and promoted the development of leading battery manufacturing enterprises. Focus on supporting strategic emerging industries such as 5g, industrial Internet, integrated circuit, industrial robot, additive manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, new display, new energy vehicles, energy conservation and environmental protection. On the basis of national policy support, various localities also give different preferential policies and subsidy measures for the lithium battery industry, which is conducive to the further development of the lithium battery industry.

4.Proportion of lithium battery market segment

Lithium batteries in China are mainly divided into power lithium batteries, consumer lithium batteries and energy storage lithium batteries. Data show that power lithium batteries and consumer lithium batteries are widely used in China, accounting for 54% and 43% respectively. The application of energy storage lithium battery accounts for a relatively small proportion of 3%.

5.Environmental protection requirements accelerates the development of the industry   

With the rapid development of China lithium battery manufacturer economy and the continuous rise of car ownership, the problem of environmental pollution has become increasingly prominent, and people's demand for new clean energy is becoming more and more urgent. The environmental problems caused by the exhaust gas emitted by traditional vehicles have directly exacerbated people's desire for the application of new energy. Through technological innovation, industrial transformation, new energy development and other means, developing a new energy vehicle industry based on low pollution and low emission is an important way to achieve sustainable economic development. In terms of the market demand for lithium batteries, the field of power batteries for new energy vehicles is undoubtedly a growth point with great potential.