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Ten Advantages of IMPROVE LiFePO4 Battery Pack--IMPROVE BATTERY
October 28, 2022

Ten Advantages of IMPROVE LiFePO4 Battery Pack

The lifepo4 battery pack produced by Improve Battery Co., Ltd. can be widely used in solar energy storage systems, UPS, communication base stations, lighting systems, medical systems, industrial energy storage systems and other fields, and can meet the application scenarios with different voltage levels and large capacity.

The Improve — lifepo4 battery pack is equipped with an intelligent battery management system (BMS), which gives full play to the advantages of lithium batteries, such as high energy density, good temperature characteristics, superior charging and discharging performance, green and environmental protection. It is safe, reliable, truly maintenance free, and has an ultra long service life.

Ten Advantages of the Product

★ High energy density, small size and light weight, effectively reducing the installation space.

★ Long service life, over 10 years of super long service life, high return on investment, and effective reduction of investment in the whole life cycle.

★ The active safety strategy is to build a safe and reliable battery system from cell selection, BMS safety management, thermal control, PACK process and other aspects.

★ It does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals, is non-toxic and pollution-free, is green, and has CE, ROSH and other certifications.

★ With good temperature characteristics, it can adapt to a wide temperature range of -20 ℃- +55 ℃, saving the operating cost of the battery.

★ Excellent charging and discharging performance, which can meet customers’ different demands for charging and discharging ratio.

★ No memory effect, truly maintenance free, and effectively reduce maintenance costs.

★ There is a “heart” (cell) and a “brain” (BMS) to truly realize intelligent management.

★ Customized service, which can provide customized solutions according to customers’ requirements of different voltage levels and capacities.

★ It can directly replace the lead-acid battery. The use mode and wiring mode are the same as those of the conventional lead-acid battery. It can be seamlessly connected to the original power system.