24V LiFePO4 Battery Chargers
Nominal Voltage: 24V
Nominal Capacity: -
Nominal Energy: -
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IMP 24V LiFePO4 Battery Chargers Series:

Safe and stable, overheating protection

IMP LiFePO4 Battery Chargers Series includes 12V, 24V, 48V
DC output isolated from AC input
Completely automatic battery charging: Pre-charging, CC, CV, Absorption, Float or Cut-off

Charging lithium batteries at extreme temperatures can be harmful. LiFePO4 charger include temperature monitoring and provide protections against charging at temperatures that could damage the battery.


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Model Voltage Charging Current Max. output
Weight Size IP Protection Material
220V Input 110V Input
IMP-180-2405CB 24V 5A 5A LiFePO4_29.2V
0.9kg 151*84*50mm IP45 Aluminium
IMP-180-2406CB 6A 6A 0.9kg 151*84*50mm IP45
IMP-180-2410WP 10A 10A 1.0Kg 130*103*70mm IP45
IMP-300-2408CF 8A 8A 1.3kg 161*131*72mm IP45
IMP-450-2415CD 15A / 1.3kg 168*104*68mm IP45
IMP-500-2415CC 15A 15A 1.9kg 189*130*72mm IP45
IMP-600-2420CC 20A 20A 1.9kg 189*130*72mm IP45
IMP-900-2430CE 30A / 4.6kg 351*202*43mm IP45
IMP-1200-2425CC 25A / 2.3kg 219*130*70mm IP45
IMP-1200-2430CC 30A / 2.3kg 219*130*70mm IP45
IMP-600-2420WP 15A-20A 15A 1.9kg 199*122.5*77mm IP65 Die-cast aluminium
fully sealed
IMP-750A-24V25A 25A / 1.9kg 195*122*71mm IP65
IMP-1250A-24V30A 30A 30A 2.8kg 231.9*136.5*76mm IP65
IMP-1000-2425WP 25A / 3.0kg 232*127*77mm IP65
IMP-1500-2430WP 30A 30A 4kg 290*143*83mm IP65
IMP-2000-2440WP 40A 37A 4.4kg 287*168*89mm IP65
IMP-2000-2450WP 50A 37A 4.4kg 287*168*89mm IP65
IMP-E3-300W 10A 10A 0.9kg 178*85*50mm IP45 Aluminium
IMP-E6-600W 20A 20A 1.7kg 205*105*68mm IP45
IMP-E8-800W 20A 20A 2.2kg 183*105*65mm IP65 Die-cast aluminium
fully sealed
IMP-E9-900W 20A 20A 2.2kg 223*105*68mm IP45 Aluminium
IMP-E15-1500W 30A 30A 3.5kg 282*124*72mm IP65 Die-cast aluminium
fully sealed
IMP-E20-2000W 40A 40A 4.5kg 282*168*95mm IP65
IMP-E25-2500W 50A / 4.2kg 293*152*100mm Ipx4 Iron
IMP-E33-3300W 50A 50A 5.3kg 295*211*110mm IP65 Die-cast aluminium
fully sealed
IMP-E36-3600W 80A / 5.5kg 320*176*110mm Ipx4 Iron


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