Lithium Polymer Battery Maintenance Tips--IMPROVE BATTERY
March 16, 2022

Lithium Polymer Battery Maintenance Tips

Lithium polymer battery, everyone should know about it, it is a newly developed lithium electronic battery, it is characterized by relatively stable voltage, long battery life, clean and non-polluting to the human body, and also solves the problem of liquid battery explosion It has a certain degree of safety, and its appearance looks more flexible and convenient, and it is also so light and flexible in terms of weight. So how to maintain the new generation of new batteries, the following will introduce some tips of lithium polymer battery maintenance.

IMPROVE Lithium Polymer Battery

First, fully charge the new battery. If our newly bought battery should be fully charged before use, the charging voltage is generally between 4.16v and 4.2v, and should not exceed 4.23v. After the battery is fully charged, it should be discharged. It is best to maintain a small and medium current during the discharge process. The final work is to carry out the charging and discharging cycle back and forth according to the above process for three times, then we can begin to use it well. This is the maintenance of the activation of the new battery. This process is very important. After activation, the battery life will be extended a lot.

Secondly, avoid overcharging. There are rigid requirements for the selection of chargers. If some chargers do not have the function of powering off after the battery is fully charged, the battery will not stop charging after it is fully charged, which will cause certain harm to the battery. There is also a phenomenon that the battery will not stop charging after being fully charged after long-term use of the charger. Therefore, in the process of charging the lithium-polymer battery, someone needs to be watching. In order to avoid battery failure, explosion and injury.

Thirdly, avoid excessive discharge. If the battery is over-discharged, it will have a direct impact on the battery life. If the capacity of the battery is 2200mAH, it is the maximum limit to charge 1600mAH after discharge. The general battery is best to discharge the capacity of 1300mAH to 1600mAH. If this charging and discharging method is used, the life of the battery will be prolonged.

Fourthly, avoid storing with full power. If the battery is fully charged, it is impossible to store it for more than three days. After a week of storage, the battery will bulge directly. Another possibility is that the battery will not bulge at that time, but after several times in the future The phenomenon of bulging will appear after the battery is charged. If the battery is not used for a long time, it is best to discharge the battery to 3.85v to keep the battery in the best state for storage.