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The Development Trend of Power Lithium Battery Technology--IMPROVE BATTERY
August 22, 2023

The Development Trend of Power Lithium Battery Technology

What is the importance of relatively mature battery technology at present? The development trend of power lithium battery technology. The role of lithium-ion batteries in our lives will become more and more important. However, with the development of these industries, people have more demands for these products and more stringent requirements for lithium batteries. Therefore, breakthroughs in battery technology are particularly important. Let's talk about the current relatively mature battery technology and the development trend of power lithium battery technology.

The support of various countries for the research and development of electric vehicles will be beneficial to the industrialization of electric vehicles. But in the end, the industrialization of electric vehicles must firstly solve the technical problems faced by electric vehicles. Among them, the battery is still the core technical problem. At present, countries all over the world are seeking more advanced battery technology for electric vehicles.

 IMPROVE BATTERY lithium-ion battery technology

What is the importance of relatively mature battery technology at present?

Battery technology has been developed for more than 300 years, and today’s battery technology ranges from early lead-acid batteries to current lithium-ion battery technology, solid-state battery technology, nuclear battery technology, gel battery technology, fuel power battery technology, and so on. However, the relatively mature battery technologies are mainly lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and gel battery technologies.

Battery technology: Battery technology was invented first. At present, there are mainly two types of lead-acid batteries and gel batteries, both of which are relatively heavy batteries. Most of the batteries used in electric bicycles on the market are lead-acid batteries.

Colloidal battery technology: The raw material of colloidal battery is a white, amorphous, non-toxic and non-polluting inorganic nano-powder material obtained by high-temperature hydrolysis and polycondensation of halosilane in an oxygen-hydrogen flame. It has the characteristics of large surface area, high surface activity and high purity.

Fuel power cell technology: Fuel power cell is a battery that mainly converts chemical energy in fuel into electrical energy through redox reaction of oxygen or other oxidants. There are many types of fuel cells, but they all work in the same way, consisting primarily of three adjacent sections: the anode, the electrolyte, and the cathode.

Development trend of power lithium battery technology

From the perspective of technical potential, the theoretical energy density of the lithium iron phosphate system is about 170Wh/kg, and the theoretical energy density of the ternary lithium-ion battery is 300-350Wh/kg. At the same time, there are safety problems such as low thermal decomposition temperature and easy combustion and explosion. However, the energy density of the all-solid-state lithium-ion battery has a great potential to increase, and it is more feasible in theory.

The technical improvement of power lithium batteries is closely related to the country's overall strategic orientation. The country takes pure electric drive as an important orientation. From this perspective, lithium-ion batteries should be developed in the direction of high-quality energy, and the entire battery material system should also be developed gradually. Make some shifts. At present, the country has made some layouts in solid-state batteries, and some universities and scientific research institutions have done a lot of research work and made relatively great progress.

The most important for power lithium batteries are these four application fields. The low-speed electric vehicles we usually see are very large application fields for power lithium batteries. Our country has already done it on a scale of one million vehicles every year; in addition, we should pay attention Two aspects of the problem: one is the technical aspect; the other is the industrial level.

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As the core competitiveness of the global automobile industry in the future, power lithium batteries play a key role in the development of domestic electric vehicles. With the increase in the concentration of the power lithium battery industry and the gradual maturity of the technical route, the future power lithium battery will develop in the direction of safer, longer life and faster charging speed.

At present, power lithium batteries are mainly concentrated in East Asia. From a global perspective, Japan's technology is relatively leading. The progress of my country's battery technology is also huge. I believe that in the next three to five years, my country's battery technology will reach the global level.

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